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Whenever I'm painting my own nails, there's only one thing I stay away from, and that's glitter. It takes forever to remove, so I prefer living without it. However, there are base coat options that take most of the pain away, if you're looking into it yourself. 

But my usual sparkle-sensitive mind wanted a bit of shine this time, so I took out the foils and flakies I had lying around. 

This took quite a few layers of polish.. There's the base coat, then a thin layer of white polish, then a layer of OPI's Ski Slope Sweetie, and then I used the dry brush technique to add a little bit of colour. I used Ciate's Pepperminty, and Sugar Plum for this step. 

Then I moved on to adding some tiny bits of gold foil. Mine were a gift from my friend, Sabrina, but you can find them at most nail art supply stores online as well. They were really easy to use, and you can apply them even after your nail polish is completely dry. You just have to apply pressure to flatten it out so that it sticks on to the nails. 

After that, I added a ton of flakies. This time I used Ciate's Snow Globe. Because I had this polish in one of their mini bottles, the brush was particularly tiny. To make it quicker to apply, I used this technique to get more flakies on my nail without making the polish layers pile up. Yass.

Then, I added another layer of Ski Slope Sweetie, and topped it off with 2 layers of top coat. Now that's a long list. 

And that's the finished look! Yeah, this took quite a bit of time, only because of the layers. The look itself was simple, you just have to make sure you spread out the colours and textures so it doesn't look too messy. 

And that's all for now!

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