2:51 AM

My nails have not been this short in forever... I've regained use of the top nubs of my fingertips huhuhu.

Yes so my left thumbnail broke badly from bowling some weeks back (no regrets), so now they're all short and neat. I think I'll round them for my next look. Wanted them square for now.

The base colour's one that I had for a while, but kinda forgot about it. It's OPI's Kermit Me to Speak, and the true colour looks nothing like how it looks from the bottle, where it looks way darker and more oil-slickish. I'm wearing 3 thin coats on each nail, and it's got a pretty rose gold to olive duochrome which I love. Most of the time, it just looks super pinkish in the sun.

Thankfully the formulation didn't cause any streaks, so it's a pretty forgiving polish. Some chromes tend to be so streaky and looks terrible unless you've got surgeon-stable hands, I swear. Definitely not a good idea to drink too much caffeine before painting on a chrome.. 

I have yet to buy a new set of acrylic paints, but I did buy a tube of white paint since that's the colour I use the most anyway. So I figured I'll use the paint. Used my thinnest brush and drew the lines in, top coat to seal and that's it!

Depending on how slowly my Sunday goes, I may change my nails tomorrow. Gotta start looking for new design ideas now..

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