7:32 AM

Since the mirrored nails trend is dying down, I figured I'd try something a little different with this bunch of cellophane paper that I got from Daiso. The pack came with 7 pieces of cellophane of different colours, but the prettiest one was this shade of pink:

Also, I shamelessly went outside to take a picture of my nails against the side of my HDB flat. Yep. 

Here's what the cellophane paper looks like:

This is how I did the look:
  1. Cut the cellophane paper into thin strips. Make sure the width is wide enough to cover the tips of your nails, allowing a little of the cellophane to hang off the nail
  2. Paint 1 layer of base coat, allow to dry, then paint another
  3. Before the second layer dries, place the cellophane on the tip of the nail and apply pressure. Make sure there are no bubbles!
  4. When the base coat has dried, paint a thin layer of top coat over the entire nail, including the cellophane. Allow to dry completely
  5. File the excess cellophane that hangs off your nail using a file. Use a downward motion till the excess can be peeled off
  6. When all your nails are done, seal the design with another layer of top coat, and make sure to paint the free edge of your nail to secure the cellophane in place. 
And you're done! 
Happy Valentine's <3

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